Music Ed Motivation Day

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  Instructions: So Here's the deal, I'm doing an experiment. I want to see how many motivated music educators take reflection and learning into their own hands. Let's show the world what we got. During #Musedmot on August 9th there will be times you can dedicate to completing each challenge, but the challenges will be open until the following Saturday. 
  Complete Each Step Below, Write it out on your own word or note taking document so you can keep your answers before clicking submit below. If you finish it all and provide your email in the space provided for you at the end of Challenge # 3,  you will get an 8X10 Copy of our new mascot G Clef Man! and a PD Participation Certificate.

The only answers that will be shared publicly are those in Challenge #1 

Challenge #1- Technology and Resources

1.) Choose 2 iPad apps, write a short review of each and include 1 new activity on how you could use it in your classroom

2.) Choose 2 software/ websites, write a short review of each and include 1 new activity on how you could use it in your classroom

3.) What is one new educational book you want to get from the book store this year ?

4.) Write an activity including 1 piece of equipment you haven't used in a while but want to use this year in a brand new and exciting way!

Challenge #2- Teaching Practices 

1.) What are 3 things that went right this year?

2.) What are 2 things that might have gone better and how are you going to fix them?

3.) What is 1 thing you cannot wait to try out next year?

Challenge #3- Professional Learning and Development

1.) Choose one big thing you want to learn about this year to help better your craft?

2.) Create a goal that will help you get there

3.)What kinds of data could you collect to create solid research and show how you did with your goal?